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Day Trip/ Sunday Afternoon/ Girl’s Night 5-Pc Gift Set

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Body Wash & Body Lotion Limited Edition 5-PC Gift Set

Create amazing new memories with this extraordinary limited edition Nostalgia Perfumery bath and body set. It includes body wash, body lotion, PLUS a new limited edition Eau de Parfum presented in a tinted glass bottle: “Girl’s Night.”

DAY TRIP – A floral embrace of heliotrope, powdery rose and warm incense is reminiscent of driving with the windows down on a sultry summer day, the wind blowing through your hair, and an unbridled sense of adventure in your heart.

NOTES: Heliotrope, Rose, Incense.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON – Just like spending a rainy spring afternoon wrapped in your comfy sweater, along with comforting notes of citrus and warm, woody cedar.

NOTES: Grapefruit, Orange Blossom, Cedar.

GIRL’S NIGHT – A Limited Edition Fragrance that will turn heads and flutter hearts. Celebrate 24/7 with this fruity floral bursting with juicy berries, sparkling orange blossoms and relaxing cedar.

NOTES: Raspberry, Orange Blossom, Cedar.

Presented in an exquisite gift box.